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SpaceMonger is a utilitarian software that aims to optimize your computer's use of disk space

SpaceMonger is a utilitarian software that aims to optimize your computer's use of disk space

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Program license: Free

Program by: Werkema

Version: 1.4

Works under: Windows


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Spacemonger is a program that was designed to help users clean up their computers. The app does so by offering them a glimpse of their file system and optimizing how things are stored within the computer.

The process is primarily used to free up space on the system that is not being used either due to other cluttering files or because of overly complicated file hierarchies. Spacemonger only starts off as a free trial, but it has the ability to remove unnecessary files and optimize storage.

The user interface for Spacemonger is part of what makes it so functional. It has a simple, straightforward system that color-codes different file types within a system before showing a graphic representation of the system to the user. This allows the user to get a comprehensive image of how well his or her computer is performing with the resources at its disposal.

The app also has the ability to make suggestions about what sort of files are either unnecessary or duplicated, and it can convey the amount of total free space available in a system even if it hasn't been optimized.

Users with little complex experience in computers should not worry about using this application one bit. Even novice users should have no problem getting the full utility from this app. The program is fast, efficient, and runs exceptionally smoothly considering it is so functional. It should be noted that the full version of Spacemonger is not free. Once users have gotten through the trial phase, they'll be asked to upgrade to the paid version in order to continue taking advantage of the powerful software.


  • Color-coded for quick assessments
  • Efficient and reliable functionality


  • Trial-version only

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